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Service Essentials

Want to build extraordinary customer service teams?

The Service Essentials program worked well for the many different levels of staff that attended from Senior Vice President to Assistant, with varying customer service skills.  Each department is successfully using the skills and techniques that they learned.  There has been a noticeable change in the level of customer service being provided to our members. Thank you for providing top-notch service before, during, and after each of the training programs.”

National Association of Realtors

Customized Training Programs

When it comes to training programs, Moran Consulting doesn’t believe one size fits all. Moran will identify your organization’s training needs, and then develop customized training programs especially for you.

We tackle big and small projects.Moran specializes in organization-wide solutions. We have the capacity and expertise to develop large-scale training programs across all of your departments. Regardless of the training objectives or content, our expertise in change management and delivery methodologies assures success for our clients.

We align with your values.We design and deliver training modules built upon the values of your organization. Our expertise, proven processes and tools bring your values to life through positive behavior change in your staff and leaders. 

We deliver what works best for you.Our use of technology and blended-learning formats assure anytime, anywhere learning solutions. We identify the ideal delivery methods for your training programs, whether that’s via webinar, classroom instruction, remote learning or train the trainer.

We train your trainers.
Our organization-wide train-the-trainer solutions are inspiring and inclusive. We help you select trainers from within your organization to deliver the training programs and then we work directly with them to prepare them to deliver the customized training to your team.

We plan for your growth.
Through our assessment process, we can help you identify and meet the needs of your organization. Our onboarding tools assure your new hires are inspired and integrated into your desired culture.

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