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Service Essentials

Want to build extraordinary customer service teams?

The Service Essentials program and facilitator kits are excellent and helped us improve to service to our customers.”

Jerry Jackson, IBM

Customer Satisfaction

Are you delivering exceptional customer service? Are you meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations? You won’t know if you don’t ask. Moran Consulting believes measuring customer satisfaction is key to having a successful business. We will partner with your organization to measure what is most important to your customers and uncover how your organization performs against customer expectation.

We will create and administer surveys.
Moran will build customized surveys for you that can be administered to large or small audiences. We will focus on the demographics that are most important to you.

We will deliver the data.
Moran will collect survey results and deliver comprehensive reports and data analysis.

We will assist you in executing a plan.
We won’t just dump the data in your lap and leave. We will provide recommendations for improvement. We will also assist your organization in implementing an action plan that leads to customer service excellence.

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