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From the Moment I discovered Moran Consulting, their team of professionals have been living examples of Service Leadership. In particular, their creativity, flexibility, ability to work to a tight timeline, and their skills to coach and mentor Petro Canada facilitators to deliver Service Essentials for Managers.”

Joan Meleski, Petro Canada

Leadership Development

To have engaged and productive employees you need effective leaders who inspire them. Moran Consulting will partner with your organization to develop the skills and competencies of great leadership.

We build leadership competencies.
Our team of organizational development consultants will develop leadership competencies that are aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and goals. They are built on industry norms, organizational development research and the specific needs of your business. These competencies then become the foundation of leadership development for your organization.

We train your leaders.
Through our Service Essentials™ for Leaders , your leadership will gain skill building around leadership styles, decision-making, problem solving, directing, delegating, communicating and influencing and motivating employees. We teach your leaders to create environments and opportunities that support long-term professional growth and build skills that drive vision, alignment and execution.

We coach your executives.
Often leaders do not see themselves as others do. With the feedback your leaders will receive via our 360 assessment process , they will clearly see how they are perceived in the workplace. This personalized learning approach will help them through conflict, difficult relationships, limitations and organizational change. It will ultimately help them become effective leaders.

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