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Customer Service

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Service Essentials

Want to build extraordinary customer service teams?

Improved employee interaction – we are building trust.”

Mid-level Manager sharing observations 3 months following Service Essentials Training

Team Building

Hiring great people is essential—but great people don’t necessarily make a great team. Moran will customize a team building solution that transforms your mix of people, skills and resources into a high-performance team.

We start by listening.
Our organizational development consultants facilitate powerful team building sessions so that we have a clear understanding of your needs.

We seek alignment.
We work with your executive team to align the goals and strategies of the organization so you communicate with one voice.

We lead assessments.
For sustainable, high-level performance, we teach team members to assess their own communication and work styles. We also train them to identify the most productive ways to build cross-departmental relationships.

We set goals.
We incorporate goal setting and focused facilitation workshops to establish sustainable behavior and continued performance.

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