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Moran really listened to our needs and offered great solutions. They are a valuable business partner for any organization in need of positive change.”

Dave Tyhosky, Ohio Public Employee Retirement System

Succession Planning

Preparing your organization for the future doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Moran Consulting can help you establish a succession planning process to successfully move internal people into key roles in your organization.

We help pinpoint your leaders.
We put together a model for your executives to use to identify key positions that need to have internal people groomed to fill them.

We teach you to develop them.
We build an infrastructure to make your future leaders successful. We teach you to help them develop their knowledge, skills and abilities so that they are ready to fill their new roles when the time comes.

We guide you through the process.
Your Moran consulting team will be with you every step of the way as you learn and work with your succession planning process.

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