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Call centers are an integral part of most organizations.

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When seeking solutions to issues with products and services, technical difficulties and unexpected bills, consumers demand instant gratification. Companies depend on call centers to deliver exceptional customer service via a variety of channels—from telephone to email, chat to instant messaging. Social media magnifies this pressure from both the company and consumers, as the consequences of bad customer service experiences can be devastating to an organization’s reputation. Now more than ever organizations need Moran Consulting to make sure their call centers are delivering exceptional customer service as efficiently as possible.

We understand your industry.
For nearly two decades, Moran has been working with call centers across the world. We understand how challenging it can be to attract, hire and retain quality customer service representatives who buy into the culture and values of your organization. We know the frustrations that can come with managing remote teams, dealing with ineffective reporting systems and putting up with old technologies that result in inaccurate data.

We offer customized solutions.
Increasing customer satisfaction in call centers requires customized solutions. With Service Essentials™, Moran’s world-class customer service training program , we can deliver solutions that address issues specific to the call center industry. For example, our S  (Telephone, Email and Chat) teaches your employees how to deliver customer service excellence via these various modes of communication, including text and instant messaging. With Moran, you can build better customer service teams, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our experts assure that your call processes and technology best meet customer needs.

We deliver measured results.
Our solutions work for call center clients and their customers—and we prove it by measuring results. Our case studies  will show you how.

Our case studies prove we deliver results.


Moran’s customized solutions helped a large call center organization in the pharmaceutical industry increase its overall patient caller satisfaction scores from 70% to 92%.

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