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Innovations in technology. Massive mergers of healthcare systems. Fierce cost pressures. New metrics for reimbursement models.

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All of these factors contribute to the customer service and organizational development challenges for today’s healthcare industry. For nearly two decades, Moran Consulting has helped hundreds of healthcare clients  all over the country improve processes and procedures and deliver more efficient and effective service, despite the challenges they face.

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We understand your industry.
Moran Consulting has been immersed in the healthcare industry since 1997. We know the issues that impact the industry—everything from the Affordable Care Act to data collection and data privacy. We know how vital—and challenging—it can be to attract and retain patients, especially when legislation is empowering patients to demand more and more in terms of service.

We empower employees.
New reimbursement models, based on patient satisfaction scores, have healthcare providers searching for solutions to empower employees to deliver an experience that is in line with patient expectations, while still providing individuals with proper medical treatment.

We know your challenges.
The consolidation of multiple provider groups into larger, more efficient medical networks also presents many challenges for healthcare administrators seeking to align their organizations. The biggest challenges are aligning the values of each entity, changing the behaviors ingrained into employees and standardizing expectations and metrics for success in every department at every location.

We offer effective solutions.
Just as the healthcare industry has evolved, so has Moran Consulting’s approach. Though we know many in the industry are facing the same challenges, we never deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. Through our expert consulting services , we identify organizational development and customer service needs and then work directly with administrators to create customized solutions. Service Essentials™, our world-class customer service training program , helps healthcare providers build better customer service teams and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

We deliver measured results.
Our case studies  will show you how, by partnering with Moran, you can expect increases in patient and staff satisfaction scores as well as other department-specific measures.

Our case studies prove we deliver results.

Moran’s customized solutions helped a hospital in a large county government healthcare system increase its positive image of the quality of care provided by the hospital by 32%—and receive a 54.6% increase in the quality of the reputation of the hospital as providing good patient care.

Community Hospital Case Study

County Healthcare System Case Study