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Every organization has I.T. needs.

I.T. Industry Reports

In fact many have full departments dedicated to the support of internal and external customers. The industry has experienced tremendous growth and I.T. employees have many opportunities for promotion. With those advancements, however, can come relationship responsibilities the individual is not prepared to handle. Moran Consulting can help your organization give your I.T. experts the tools they need to thrive in positions that require excellent communication skills.

We understand introverts.
Okay, not all I.T. professionals are introverts, but I.T. positions often do attract detail-oriented people who like to work by themselves. In order to build a culture where every individual can thrive in a service and relationship savvy role, organizations need to build programs to develop communication skills for IT professionals. Moran knows how to build on the strengths of your I.T. experts so that they can ultimately help build customer service teams that deliver exceptional service and produce results.

We offer customized solutions.
Moran has a variety of development tools  that can help draw out the natural-born leader in professionals of every expertise. We also offer organization-wide customer training solutions through Service Essentials™, our world-class customer service training program . We can help you build effective and efficient service teams so you can improve both employee satisfaction  and customer satisfaction . You can also count on Moran’s solutions to bring results that can be measured and tracked for continued success.

We deliver measured results.
Our solutions work—and we prove it by measuring the results. Our case studies  will show you how.

Our case studies prove we deliver results.


Moran’s customized solutions helped a global pharmaceutical company’s IT department net positive increase in all areas of service expectations, including a 29% increase in “follows through and delivers;” 40% increase in “strives to ensure that one voice from IT to our customers is a priority;” 32% increase in “communicates in a timely manner;” and 43% increase in “communicates in a clear, logical and organized manner.”

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