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Competency Development

Through Moran’s competency development process, your leaders and staff will identify—and grow—the skills, knowledge and abilities your organization values. To improve organizational effectiveness, we focus on:

Core Competencies
These are the competencies expected of every individual to create an effective organization. They’re often more general in nature and align with your organization’s values. Our team will help you identify, further define, and then develop these competencies throughout your organization. 

Leadership Competencies
These are the competencies you look for when you hire, train, coach and evaluate your leaders. Maybe it’s business acumen or the ability to inspire others. We’ll help you clarify what attributes your organization values and develop those in your leaders. 

Role-Specific Competencies: These are the skills, knowledge and abilities needed for employees to function in their individual role within a specific department, such as IT or Accounting. Once desired competencies are established, you can help your employees develop in those areas.

We involve everyone.
Your leaders and staff will first assess themselves, their strengths and areas in need of development, and may also get assessed by their peers and superiors. We use the feedback to put a plan in place to help them develop the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to succeed.

We determine what works.
We prioritize your development opportunities and determine the best approach to take—whether that’s learning on the job, through others, or through formalized training.

The Moran Consulting team members are clearly experts with this important work and they made the process enjoyable and energizing for everyone!”

Elizabeth Smith, Mobile County Health Department