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Moran Consulting crafted an organizational design that streamlined service to our students. Their approach includes a recommended structure as well as the change management support to address resistance, gain buy in, and assure a smooth implementation.

Melvyn Schiavlli, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

Organizational Design

High-performing cultures are structured to achieve goals. Ineffective structures, on the other hand, can often stifle communication and foster silo-ridden behaviors that can hinder your organization’s performance. Moran Consulting’s organizational design process involves capturing data, identifying gaps in your current structure and provides action-oriented recommendations that will improve your organization’s performance.

We ask questions.
What drives an organizational redesign? Questions—and at Moran, we ask a lot of them. For starters:

  • Is communication to your customers streamlined as a result of how you’re structured?
  • Is the current organizational design reaching your measured results?
  • Are reporting relationships in your organization clear and producing the highest impact for success?
  • Are there unnecessary barriers to customer service excellence as a result of an ineffective structure?

We deliver change management tools.
Your organization needs to be organized—in a way that makes sense, internally and externally. To optimize your effectiveness, your organizational design has to match what you want to achieve. We’ll give you informed recommendations that will streamline communication, tear down silos and improve performance.

We make the hard calls.
Often, organizations know what needs to be changed—and who needs to be changed—but they’re reluctant to make those tough decisions. You can count on Moran to tell the truth about your organizational design—even when we know our recommendations are controversial.

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