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Customer Service Experience – The Container Store

Written By: Robert Moran

Blog 6 in series: Our Customer Service Stories and the Lessons that they Teach

I recently had a great customer service experience at The Container Store.  I walked into the location near my home with my colleague and had some papers in my hand. I was surprised that I was greeted with a warm welcome from a woman who said, “You have your plans for the shelving units?”  She knew why I was there.  She promptly explained that John was waiting to help me get started and directed me to his work area.  The experience was amazingly easy and customer friendly.

I was shocked at how every step of the process perfectly matched my every need.  I asked one of the staff why they give such great service and she said, “they train us well and our Managers and founders work out all of our processes for us. That makes our jobs easy and fun.”

I always have a positive experience at the Container Store and their motto – “Organization with Heart” – is apparent in every employee at every contact with the customers.

They are doing it right!