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Want to build extraordinary customer service teams?

My organization will benefit by retaining existing customers, making their Jergens experience so memorable that they will come back again and again.”

Participant, Jergens, Inc.

Service Essentials™ Plus

Topics will include:

  1. Attitude of Excellent Service
  2. Identify Customer Needs
  3. Use Customer–Friendly Body Language and Words
  4. Practice Excellence at Every Customer Contact Point
  5. Handle Difficult Customers with Care
  6. Exceed Customer Expectations
  7. Essential Practices for Email
  8. Managing the Call
  9. Essential Functions on the Telephone
  10. CHAT (Live Chat, Text, IM)

In today’s world, contact with customers can happen in a variety of ways.  Service Essentials™ Plus builds on our fundamental customer service training program to include important essential practices for telephone, email, chat and text communications with customers.

This customer service training program will cover the following topics, as they relate to these various communication channels:

  • Creating a service attitude before communicating with customers
  • Communicating effectively and clearly
  • Practicing a customer friendly tone of voice—both verbal and written
  • Knowing your audience
  • Showing respect
  • Proofreading all written forms of communication
  • Managing email to avoid becoming overwhelmed
  • Managing the call process, from asking callers on hold to transferring and documenting calls
  • Managing the call process, from asking callers on hold, transferring and documenting calls, and managing voicemail
  • Live chat, text, IM

Great service retains great customers.
Through Service Essentials™ Plus, your employees will learn to consistently and confidently deliver exemplary customer service that will keep your customers coming back.

Service Essentials™ Plus is energizing.
Interaction and real-world experiences are built into the learning process. Through this enjoyable experience, your staff will have a renewed focus on courtesy.

It’s easy to schedule.
This two-day training can be delivered on-site via the Moran expert training team or via webinar for remote or global teams. We also offer Service Essentials™ Plus trainer’s kits so that your organization’s in-house training team can learn to deliver the program to the entire team.

It’s customizable.
Case studies may be customized to demonstrate service issues directly related to your business.

It’s based on how adults learn best.
This training program is interactive and energetic so that participants feel engaged in the training. Individual assessment and action plans are included so that participants leave the training with actionable items they can deliver to their teams.

It’s lasting.
Each participant receives an Essential Practices Card. This pocket-sized tool provides a summary of critical skills and can be kept handy in the workplace to reinforce desired behaviors. Personal development plans may be built into your performance management system.

Service Essentials™ Plus Modules
The program’s ten modules give your staff the skills, attitude and awareness they need to please both your internal and external customers.

Participant Materials:

Participant Manual: The participant’s manual is a step-by-step guide for the learners. The manual includes exercises, reference material, self-tests, practice exercises, case studies, and action plans. Each participant of the training will need a participants manual to experience the learning process.

Essential Practices Card: The Essential Practices Card is a pocket-sized tool designed to serve as a daily reminder of the customer service practices that reinforce the desired behaviors. Each participant’s manual includes one card for the learner’s reinforcement.


Training Format: 10 modules may be delivered in two days. Training delivery may be divided up in a number of different formats. Contact Moran Consulting, Inc. and we will be happy to give you some suggestions to maximize the benefits for your organization.

This program can be trained by someone in your organization.

Trainer’s Kit Includes:

Participant Manual: The participant’s manual is a step-by-step guide for the learners. The manual includes exercises, reference material, self-tests, practice exercises, case studies, and action plans. Each participant of the training will need a participant’s manual to experience the learning process.

Facilitator’s Script: A step-by-step script for the facilitator to deliver the six modules of training to the staff. The facilitator’s guide is simple to follow and covers every detail for the novice trainer.

Facilitator’s Guide: A step-by-step guide for the facilitator to organize the logistics of the training. The guide includes a comprehensive training checklist, tips for facilitation, and the learning objectives for each module.

PowerPoint Masters: All modules are supported by visuals. The training kit includes masters on a CD Rom for the facilitator to show during the training. A soft copy of the presentation (Created in Microsoft® PowerPoint®) is included in the kit as well.

Service Essentials™ Plus Modules


The program’s ten modules give your staff the skills, attitude and awareness they need to please both your internal and external customers.

  • Attitude of Service Excellence

    Get your staff on board with service.

    Linking attitude with excellent service Excellent service starts with the attitude of the individual service provider. This module helps learners see the connection between how they feel when receiving good and bad customer service and those feelings of the customers they serve.

  • Identifying Customer Needs

    Hit the nail on the head in meeting your customers’ needs. 

    Identifying customer needs Identifying customer needs is a skill that requires listening and probing. This module provides skill building in understanding how to identify customer needs.

  • Thoughtful Body Language and Words

    Energize your staff to perform award-winning service.

    Using thoughtful body language and words Everyone in your company who communicates with customers—whether in person, over the phone, or via text, email, chat or IM—has an impact on your business. This module provides practice in all areas of language, including word choice and body language.

  • Uncompromising Service Contact

    See every single interaction as an opportunity.

    Delivering uncompromising service at every contact point Each contact point with a customer is an opportunity to delight or disappoint. This module guides learners through a comprehensive analysis of their role, and the service contact points for which they are responsible.

  • Uncompromising Service Contact

    Turn lost revenue into increased revenue. 

    Resolving conflict Customers get angry and your staff needs the skills to handle them. This module provides learners with a simple process to professionally handle difficult situations without taking the customer’s anger personally.

  • Exceeding Expectation

    Let your customers grow your business for you.

    Exceeding customer expectations It is the little things that make a big difference. This module focuses on the opportunities to exceed expectations in such a way that customers speak highly of your business to others.

  • Essential Practices for Email

    Craft a professional email message tailored to your audience.

    Delivering customer service excellence via email

    Everyone who uses email in your company can positively or negatively impact your business. This module will focus on the seven essential practices for email, which include using email with discretion, proper punctuation, understanding your audience and the importance of proofreading.

  • Managing the Call

    Cultivate a tone of voice that speaks volumes for your company.

    Demonstrating outstanding telephone courtesy

    When interacting with customers over the telephone, tone of voice is everything. This module will teach fundamental skills of excellent telephone courtesy.


  • Essential functions on the telephone

    Manage the call and solve the problem.

    Facilitating successful calls from start to finish

    This module will train your employees to effectively and efficiently handle the call process. From putting callers on hold to transferring calls to taking messages, this module covers it all.

  • Chat (Live chat, text, IM)

    Professionally communicate with customers via chat, text and instant messaging (IM). 

    Building relationships through instant communication

    Chat, text and IM are becoming powerful, efficient ways for customers to communicate with you—and vice versa. Just as in telephone and email exchanges, these encounters require professional, precise and quick communication in a short period of time.

Delivery Methods

Choose from the following delivery methods:

  • In-House Trainings: Bring your employees together to interact, problem-solve and build great teams together.
  • Webinars: Ideal if you have global and remote teams that make it challenging to have everyone together in one place at one time.
  • Train the Trainer: Moran will help you identify and train your in-house talent who, in turn, will train your other team members.
  • Do-It-Yourself: With our trainer kits your organization’s training team can learn to deliver our program to your entire team.

Working with Moran for customer service training was a great experience. The team was extremely responsive to our needs and the customized training materials were key to our success.

- Katie Burdo, Lilly Pulitzer

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