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Having questions answered in a timely—and friendly—manner. Feeling a part of a community—even while learning in a virtual classroom. All of these elements of the educational experience are important to today’s students and their parents. Delivering on these expectations can prove challenging for those in the education industry, but delivering on them is imperative for attracting and retaining students. That’s where Moran Consulting can help.

We understand your industry.
Moran Consulting knows the challenges and changes impacting the education industry because we have worked with clients  in the industry since 1997. We have helped large private and public institutions and educational organizations improve processes to deliver exceptional service to their No. 1 customers—their students. As funding sources are based on student enrollment numbers, educational institutions can no longer afford to lose students due to poor service. (And, yes, we understand that seeing students as customers is, in itself, a huge shift in the culture of the education industry.)

We offer customized solutions.
While educational institutions around the country deal with many of the same challenges—declining enrollment rates, changing customer expectations and increasing faculty and staff turnover—Moran believes in providing customized solutions. We excel at breaking down silos to improve communication and processes that result in exceptional service—both internally and externally. We also excel at succession planning  so that your organization can prepare for faculty members and administrators retirement.

We have the resources you need.
Through our expert consulting services , we identify customer service and other organizational development needs and then create customized solutions. Service Essentials™, our world-class customer service training program , can help your educational organization develop better service teams so that students want to be part of your institution. We can prove our solutions work in the education industry because we measure the results with every organization that hires us.

We deliver measured results.
Our solutions work for clients in the education industry—and we prove it by measuring results. Our case studies  will show you how.

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