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Moran Consulting has partnered with government agencies at every level—city, county, state and federal—to help them deliver efficient and effective service to demanding taxpayers.

We understand your industry.
Moran knows government agencies are facing weighty challenges—from tighter budgets to smaller, often less experienced staff resulting from retirements and budget cuts. The root of poor service can also stem from internal agencies failing to give good service to each other. All of these factors and more undermine the ability to deliver great customer service—at a time when taxpayers are demanding excellent communication, responsiveness, reasonableness and accuracy.

We help you attract future business.
Not only do government agencies need to deliver on customer service expectations to please taxpayers, but developing a reputation for exceptional customer service is also necessary to attract and retain businesses. Business tax income is the lifeblood for local and state government agencies, and most businesses choose to operate in communities that deliver effective, efficient and welcoming customer service.

We offer effective solutions.
Since 1997, Moran has been helping government agencies rise to meet their challenges. We have worked with clients at every level of government—from major metropolitan cities to massive federal agencies. Through our expert consulting services , we identify customer service and organizational development needs and then deliver customized solutions. Service Essentials™, our world-class customer service training program , helps build better service teams and customer satisfaction.

We deliver measured results.
ROI is tough to measure when it comes to training. But Moran can prove our customized solutions work. We measure and track improvement for each government agency we partner with to deliver sustainable change.

Measured results in one city government training initiative—where a business customer chose to stay due to service improvement—netted $2.8 million in tax revenue. Statistically, that customer will share their experience with 10 others who may bring business to that city: $2.8 million x 10 = $28 million—a return on investment of 933:1. See our case studies  for more examples.

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Consumers today expect excellent customer service—not just from organizations in the private sector, but from government as well.