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360 Assessment

Moran Consulting believes feedback is power, especially if you want to create a high-performance environment. Our fully automated 360-degree feedback assessment process goes far beyond a standard performance appraisal process, generating feedback for leaders and staff from bosses, peers, subordinates and customers. Moran will help your leaders interpret the reports and create customized plans for individual development.

It’s intense.
This assessment isn’t a traditional personality test. It rates employees by the competencies your organization values. Individuals are assessed by people above them, around them, and by the people they manage—a complete 360. Through this process, they gain deeper insight into the behavior they exhibit in the workplace, how others perceive them, their leadership style, their strengths and weaknesses. 

It’s simple yet comprehensive.
This automated process is the most sophisticated on the market, delivering powerful reports and development plans that are simple to understand, yet extremely comprehensive.

It’s customizable and flexible.
You can add your own competencies, use or modify ours, or create any combination. You can export the data to programs, such as Excel, for analysis and display. The program can be used for soft-skill trainings, leadership and individual skill development, needs analysis, and team and organizational effectiveness.