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Jeffrey Parsons

Lead Facilitator

As an experienced Service Essentialsā„¢ trainer, Jeffrey Parsons has 20 years as a global facilitator. With his dynamic approach to inspiring, growth and change, Jeffrey excels in delivering customer service and leadership development training to Moran clients. His passion for diversity and team building ignites employees during training and encourages them to embrace change.

A skilled facilitator with in-depth knowledge of employee/labor relations in a union environment, Jeffrey specializes in realignment of organizational goals with employee behavior and motivating teams to bridge generational gaps. In his years of experience, Jeffrey has worked with professionals in a range of industries including education, hospitality, pharmaceutical and healthcare. Jeffrey has worked closely with several government organizations to include the United States Internal Revenue Service, The state of Virginia, and The United States Department of Homeland Security.

Jeffrey earned a Bachelorā€™s in Theater from the University of Iowa. He is a certified Conflict Resolution Trainer, Executive Coach and Organizational Development Specialist.