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Measurements & Surveys

The greatest insights for performance improvement come directly from customers and front-line employees, yet those are the two groups rarely consulted when implementing change. Moran Consulting will engage these two groups using surveys that will help you identify areas for improvement and measurements for successful change.

We customize surveys.
How do you measure organizational effectiveness? By first surveying the demographics that are most meaningful to your organization. Moran will customize surveys for you that can be administered to large or small audiences.

We cover it all.
Our surveys cover a variety of topics, including customer satisfactionĀ , employee satisfaction Ā and organizational assessmentsĀ . It opens up dialogue between all levels of the organization, and solicits feedback from the most important people: your customers.

We measure the results.
Moran will collect the survey data and provide your organization with detailed reports, data analysis, recommendations for improvement and an executive summary presentation. This valuable information will help you achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.