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Organization-Wide Assessment

At Moran Consulting, we believe the first step to organization-wide culture change is a comprehensive assessment. Through that process, we study every aspect of your organization so we can identify your problems and build strategies to overcome them—together.

We listen and learn.
Beginning with your top leadership, Moran’s team of organizational development consultants listens to the needs and aspirations of your organization. Our comprehensive assessment process includes one-on-one interviews and an all-employee survey of your current culture. This foundational understanding is transformed into the road map for positive change.

We verify the data.
We use focus groups to validate our findings. That process helps confirm that we’re on the right track to helping you achieve organizational goals.

We bring about alignment.
Leadership alignment is the last step of the assessment process and the first step of the training process. Our consultants will bring your leaders together to review and understand the data so that they are clear about their role in successful culture change.

Moran Consulting was able to assess our organization and craft an organizational design that streamlined service to our students. Their approach includes a recommended structure as well the support to address resistance, gain buy-in, and assure a smooth implementation.

- Director, Higher Education