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Performance Solutions

Assembling a group of great individuals does not always result in the creation of a great team. To improve organizational performance and team success, you must build the relationships between your team members. Moran will help create powerful performance solutions for your organization that are concentrated on managing performanceĀ , building teams Ā and developing leaders.

We create systems that work.
The best strategic plans in the world are useless if they sit on a shelf. Moran partners with you to build your goals into specific and measureable performance plans.

We focus on outcomes.
We help you determine the performance standards that best meet your customersā€™ needs. These customer-focused standards are then built into performance plans for your employees.

We align job descriptions with your goals.
We assist you in developing and revising job descriptions so that they are in alignment with your organizationā€™s current goals.

We help you hire the right people.
We guide you through the process of designing behavioral interview questions that are based on performance standards and expectations so that you hire the people who are aligned with your culture.Ā 

We build effective onboarding materials.
By clarifying your culture and training new hires from the start, you increase engagement and loyalty. We work with you to build onboarding materials that are aligned with your new service standards and culture.

Working with Moran Consulting will be one of the best investments you will be able to make for your staff, management and your customers! It was for us!ā€

Sue McClain, Internal Revenue Service